Klezervation Hall

David Symons and Jennie Lavine co-create a musical experience filled with tonal expressivity and harmonic nuance. Their love of Eastern European folk music and klezmer flows into contemporary interpretations of the classics and novel compositions.

David C Symons is an accordionist, singer, and composer and has founded and led many bands, including Black Sea Quartet, Inner Fire District, The Salt Wives, and The Brass Balagan. He has written and directed music for theater, is the sole proprietor of the Big Squeezy Accordion Repair Shop, and is a founder of the New Orleans Accordion Festival.

Jennie Olshina Lavine is a clarinetist and composer, with musical roots in New Orleans LA, Ithaca & Brooklyn NY and Burlington VT. Her life and music travel on the diaphanous threads that connect the bygone sounds of the shtetl, the vibrancy of the New Orleans musical world, and the living voice of Jewish prayer. Her work and studies as a Jewish community leader and hazzan infuse her sound.